lampes pypl


Lampes PYPL pour Atmosphère d'Ailleurs

Toujours dans le même esprit organique, Mark Eden Schooley a créé la lampe PYPL pour Atmosphère d'Ailleurs. Fabriquée à la main, elle est composée d'une structure en laiton pliable et d'une housse zippée en coton khadi. Très poétique, elle diffuse une lumière douce et apaisante. 

Bought in September 2009, Dimora delle Balze is a nineteenth-century estate in which time doesn't seem to have passed. The walls, the floors and the ceilings tell fascinating stories filled with a Mediterranean scent, eager to be listened to. The estate has a big quadrangular courtyard which, on its left side, is overlooked by the rooms formerly destined to the farmer's dwelling, to the storage, and to the stables. In the right wing, instead, an ancient gate leads to the manor-house. The interior is composed of a large number of rooms, where there are authentic and suggestive Rinascimento frescoes, brought back to their original splendour. Last but not least, the Manor Garden, formerly enhanced by stone benches, today hosting the remains of the pre-existing classical columns and terraces, set up with armchairs and custom-made design objects.
Through a preservative restoration characterised by a detailed research of unique objects, vintage and design elements, the fascination of the Mediterranean past is passed down. The estate extends to about 25 hectares, cultivable for the most part and 100% Bio certified. Inside it and in the many adjoining areas, ancient caves can be seen. In addition, the estate is situated between the extraordinary beauty of Noto and the ancient city of Siracusa. 

It is the attention to details that makes this place so magical; this is possible thanks to the cooperation between the owner Elena Lops and the designers Draga Obradovic and Stefano Guidotti. The magic released by this place makes it the ideal location not only for wedding ceremonies, but also for private events, exhibitions, vernissages, events which could be hosted both in the internal salons of the main building and outdoors.


Il existe 3 modèles :
- suspension. Elle existe en 3 tailles : PM 34x34xH36cm; MM 56x56xH41cm; GM 87x87x69cm
- lampe à poser. Elle existe en 2 tailles : 25x25 x H totale 78cm et 25x25 x H totale 103cm
- lampadaire. Il existe en une taille : 35x35 x H totale 223cm
Pour les lampes à poser et le lampadaire, entièrement démontables, le designer a utilisé une tige en eucalyptus brut et une base en marbre blanc poli.


Toujours dans l'idée du jeu et du modulable, Mark Eden Schooley disait l'autre jour "et pourquoi on ne rajouterait pas une suspension moyenne sur la grande base pour avoir une 2e taille de lampadaire?! ou l'abat-jour moyen sur la petite tige pour avoir une nouvelle taille de lampe à poser?!", guidé certainement par la signification initiale du nom de cette lampe : le mot PYPL est une abréviation de "Personalise Your Perfect Lamp!" Alors jouons avec les formes!